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How Does it Work?

ajaxextMany customers inquire about where the product comes from and why is it “Almost Perfect”.  We deal directly with major Canadian and US manufacturers and distributors, whom from time to time run into inventory problems.  The majority of the product we see is usually a result of overproduction.  The manufacturer has produced more than they predicted would sell over a period of time, and they need to clear the product out of their warehouse…..they call us. For example- Manufacturer A goes to market with a new product – predicting they will sell 100,000 units.  They only sell 75,000 units – so they are overstocked with 25,000 units – the manufacturer calls us.

We also see product that may be deemed “IMPERFECT” due to cosmetic imperfections.  These minor issues no way affect the taste- however the product may not look the way the producer intended.  On many occasions, you will not be able to see the imperfections, as they look perfect to us- but they are not how the manufacturer intended…. so this means incredible savings for you.  For example- Manufacturer B produces desserts for a major restaurant chain.  The restaurant wants the cakes to serve 8 however they were cut incorrectly into 10 pieces.  The restaurant rejects the cakes based on the size of cake slices……the manufacturer calls us.

We also carry product that may have undergone a packaging change, or has promotional material on the packaging making it no longer current.  Since packaging costs and materials are expensive, the manufacturer may decide to produce fresh product to fill the boxes to recoup some of the costs.
For example- Manufacturer C did a promotional tie in with a free product coupon printed on the packaging.  The coupon is no longer valid therefore cannot be sold in the tradiional markets.  The manufacturer fills the product with fresh merchandise and – they call us.

We source the majority of our products opportunistically.  However, on some items, this may not be possible.  The savings may not be as phenomenal however they are still well priced and we feel it is important to stock them for your convenience.