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Almost Perfect … what does that mean?

  • Almost Perfect is the best way to describe the goods we carry. The products may be factory seconds, overstocked, a manufacturer close out, or change of packaging. The products may be “almost perfect” but the taste and the savings are FANTASTIC!

Why do grocery manufacturers liquidate products?

  • Like many other manufacturers, food manufacturers often have overstocks, product seconds and occasions when they need to “close out” or liquidate a product. The manufacturer may not be able to sell it to the intended retailer or restaurant so they sell it to us at dramatically discounted prices! Often you can save 30-70% off regular suggested retail.

Is the product the same as what I would find in the grocery store?

  • Many of our products are manufactured as first quality but due to minor imperfections they may not meet factory specifications. Change of packaging, discontinued or slightly damaged items ensure the deals are always great! Small imperfections mean BIG SAVINGS for you! We are so confident in our merchandise that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Why do you say “Shop us often”?

  • New, incredible bargains are arriving on a daily basis! Many times we only receive a one time shipment and limited quantities, so one thing for sure, when you see it, buy it! Stock up as much as you can before it disappears forever!

Why do you charge for bags?

  • To keep our costs down, and our prices low, we do our best to recycle our cardboard boxes for customers to use to take home their groceries. We offer plastic bags for your convenience at a cost of 5¢ each. We encourage you to bring bags or a cooler from home.

How can I franchise a store?

  • We are not franchising at this time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept Interac and cash.