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How it Works

We purchase retail and foodservice products including:

  • grocery
  • refrigerated
  • frozen
  • food related general merchandise

Your specific instructions will be followed in matters involving your product. Your brand and product’s intergrity is of the upmost  importance to us. We honor all instructions including special signage and relabeling.  We also offer the following services “in house” to recondition your product for sale including:

  • labelinglabel
  • strip & relabel
  • repack into generic packaging
  • repack bulk into consumer sizes
  • construe name brands

All product sold to Almost Perfect will be sold exclusively in our outlets.  We do not wholesale product into other distribution channels-nor do we offer wholesale to our customers.  We sell only to the general public and we reserve the right to limit quantities purchased.

  • We do not advertise brand names unless specifically granted permission.
  • We purchase loads ranging from a few pallets to several truck loads.
  • We pay our bills on time every time.

Contact us now for an opportunitity to provide you with the greatest cost recovery for your product

Pamela McGibney
pam at almostperfect.ca

Carolyn Boiani
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